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Virtual Backgrounds and 3D Stock Footage for Video Producers

We design virtual sets or green screen video editing software such as Adobe After Effects and Premier, Final Cut Pro, Tricaster and similar programs for professional video compositing. Please note that our virtual sets can be used for LIVE broadcasts too and are typically successfully used by local, regional and state TV stations around the world.

Our Clients

Our clients include TV channels like HBO, NBC, Disney, Discovery Channel and Fox News; movie studios like 20 Century Fox; TV series such as Arrested Development & Frenemies top circulation magazines like People Magazine, Bild and HORZU; as well as many other large organizations.

The Selection of CG Stock footage and Graphic media we offer includes several portfolios; you'll find a wide selection of both animated backgrounds and non-animated backgrounds including virtual news sets. We also offer 3D animations, 'talking head backgrounds' and of course stationary images.

All of our media is available in ultra-sharp High-Definition. Some items are available now in 4K and HD to suit all your needs. Here at we're doing the utmost to provide cutting-edge HD CG stock footage that you won't find anywhere else; and rest assured when we say high quality that each HD frame is painstakingly coordinated to provide the clearest crispest images and the smoothest transitions available for instant download on the market today.

All of our HD stock footage CG graphic media is Royalty-free so you'll be enjoying substantial savings over having custom CG graphic media prepared. We're constantly adding to our stock footage and image collections so you're sure to find just the right 3D Animation, Animated Background, or Virtual Set to meet any of your needs. In addition to incredible savings, every item in our Stock Royalty-Free graphic catalogs are available for you to download right now.

To and get started simply click on any of the choices above. Your likely to come up with many creative ideas while browsing through our various catalogs and we are always adding new material so remember to bookmark us now and check back often. As you browse our HD catalogs please bare in mind that the 'Watermark' on each item is strictly for copyright protection. Your downloaded stock footage purchase will be free of any 'Watermark' overlay

If you don't happen to see an Animated Background, 3D Animation, Virtual Set or Image that works for you, please feel free to contact us at info @ We're always open to suggestion for additions to any of our catalogs. If you'd like to go beyond our stock footage, custom orders are always welcome and appreciated. To inquire regarding an estimate or to discuss an idea you'd like to have commissioned please also contact via email. is the virtual computer generated art gallery to shop HD stock footage for all your needs. Order your high-definition animated background, 3D animation or virtual news set and download your purchase right now, instantly, with just a few simple clicks of your mouse!

If you have any questions regarding any of our 3D images, animated backgrounds, 3D animations or virtual news sets, please feel free to email us.

Special Discount


Classic News Set — Camera 6
Standard Def: $29
High Def: $52


Small Stage Background — Camera 14
Standard Def: $30
High Def: $59


Political News Set — Camera 1
Standard Def: $26
High Def: $46


Medical News Set — Camera 9
Standard Def: $30
High Def: $59

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